What Are Anti-Fatigue Mats?

Anti-fatigue mats are mats that are designed to combat fatigue that may be caused by a person standing for long periods of time on a hard surface or cold floors, for example concrete floors. Most anti-fatigue matting is a combination of an ergonomic pattern and a cushioning underlay but can be made of various materials including rubber, carpeting materials, vinyl, and wood.

Although in the modern day and age most of us work from home and tend to sit in front of a laptop or computer all day which can lead to many health issues on its own. But there are still a lot of people whose jobs demand that they stand for long periods of time each day. For example factory workers, teachers, chefs, doctors to even the barista on the other side of the counter making your coffee. For you a 5 minute job but to him or her it is a couple of hours shift on their feet in a small space. 

There have been many studies conducted on the health implications of standing too long in one place and you can read more about those here Anti-Fatigue Mats and your health

There are a number of different Anti-fatigue mats to choose from. They come in various types of material specifically designed for different workplace conditions. Some workplaces can vary from dry to wet conditions or a mixture of both and choosing the right one for the correct condition is not hard at all. If you don't know how to choose, read our related article here to help you in your search Where can Anti-Fatigue Mats be Used?

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