How long do Anti-Fatigue mats last?

Cost versus the life expectancy of these mats is the big question. And with safety managers needing to make sound investments within set budgets they are required to prioritize worker safety, satisfaction and productivity.

With the average anti-fatigue mat lasting between one and three years and lower-quality mats lasting as little as six to twelve months, higher-quality mats can reach well beyond 3 years. 


Replacing your Anti-Fatigue Mats depends on where your mat is placed, foot traffic, exposure to liquids, maintenance, and the type of material.

Extreme durability of anti-fatigue mats dictate that they will last for years after their purchase.

If you deal with chemicals, oils or any other liquids, ideally you should have a rubber anti-fatigue mat in the area. Rubber anti-fatigue mats tend to last longer and can withstand higher foot traffic compared to foam. This is due to the hard wearing rubber surface. 

We recommend replacing rubber anti-fatigue mats every 3 - 5 years. Foam anti-fatigue mats are built for lower foot traffic and dry areas, and we recommend replacing foam mats every 1 - 3 years.

To play it safe, check for wear and tear, chipped edges, and grazed surface texture. You can also check the mats cushion core by seeing if it leaves compression when weight is added. The mat should return back to its original shape. If not, this shows that the mat has run its course and needs replacing.

If your environment is exposed to harsh chemicals or other similar substances, chemical resistant anti fatigue mats can withstand these elements whilst providing safety and comfort. 

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