The importance of mats in supermarkets

The goal is to enhance the entire experience for your customers and  employees and thereby create an overall business success. There are many mats that can serve  different roles in your stores in different locations like special anti-slip mats that can be placed in high risk areas.

From welcoming customers at the door to providing comfort and safety for your employees creates improved overall branding of your store whilst keeping the general public and employees safe from any possible accidents. 

Let's have a look at all the possibilities!

Entrance Mats

The first mat will be the most important as it is the first thing the customer will see when entering. And a logo mat that showcases your branding also looks great and it will definitely make your customers feel more welcome. The other objective is to keep dirt and moisture out of your store. So if you want to have an entrance mat that can retain water and dirt then have a look at our article 6 Things to know about Waterhog Floor Mats to see the difference and what a correct entrance mat can do for you.

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Anti-Fatigue Mats

This is more for you employees than customers. You can read more about them here Anti-Fatigue Mats and your health

These anti fatigue mats are great for cashiers, cooks preparing food in the canteen to the dishwashers who stand in small spaces for long periods of time. Our complete comfort range will be best suited to these conditions. 

Remember that taking care of your employees and their health is always of the utmost importance.


Interior Mats

There are many mats available that are designed for heavy foot traffic that will last and that also have anti-slip properties. Mats should also be trolley friendly that have no trip hazard associated with them.  Keep in mind that inside the store there are sections where a lot of spills can occur and you would want to have a mat that has high absorbent qualities. 

Our standard supermarket mats are great for any interior space but also for other long walk ways such as in malls or isles. 

Our anchor safe roll is ideal in cantine areas as they are highly absorbent and can keep your space clean and hygienic. 

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