6 Things to know about Waterhog floor mats

Waterhog mats are one of the most popular entrance mats for homes, lobbies and walkway entrances. Not only do they give protection against dirt they are decorative and can be used anywhere in the house or workplace environment.
Here are some key elements so you can better understand its capabilities and productivity.

1. Eco friendly

The top layer of the carpet is made out of Needle-Punched, Solution-dyed, post-consumer recycled P.E.T.
PET surfaces are made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. It is solution dyed for excellent colour vibrance and it is stain and fade resistant, it dries quickly which also helps prevent any rotting from occurring. Waterhog also passed the ‘Flammability Standard’ of carpets and rugs.
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2. Rubber Backing

The rubber backing is 100% PVC Free! These rubber backings are ensured to not crack or curl and can withstand any weather conditions. They are not adversely affected by salt or ice melt. The rubber Nub height is standard at 7mm and helps remove and trap dirt and moisture, holding it on the mat below shoe level so they are not tracked onto floors.
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3. Water Dam Border

A great feature of waterhog mats is the unique “water dam” border that allows the mats to hold up to 4 liters of water per square meter. The mat holds this amount of water whether its rain, sleet, hail or snow. This border also ensures that water and dirt stay on the mat.

Waterhog Rubber and Water Dam illustration Image

4. Indoor and outdoor

Waterhog mats can be used just about anywhere for inside the house as well as in lobbies, at front desks or as outside entrance mats for your home, commercial establishment and at entryways. Or anywhere additional traction or moisture control is needed.
Waterhog mats are very functional. They provide all the basic mat functionalities and more. Waterhog mats are very effective for scraping mud, dirt, and moisture from the shoes. The mats are also very effective in ensuring floor safety on wet slippery floors.

5. Variety of Options

Waterhog mats come in a variety of size, colour and design options. From the classic carpet to diamond shaped carpets. The borders can be plain rubber or you can get a more fashionable border having the border covered in the same fabric as the mat.

6. Durable

The reinforced rubber nubs prevent the pile from crushing and extend the performance life of the mat. The edges will not crack or curl. The beveled edges provide a safe transition from floor to mat. Waterhog mats are also certified high traction by the National Floor Safety Institute.
You can watch our explainer video and see the results for yourself